2 days on the Big Island

Two days in Hawaii Nei! Here is how we would spend them:

  1. Wake up early and head north.

  2. Stop in Waimea at “Hawaiian Style” for breakfast (haupia pancakes, a loco moco are a winning combination).

  3. Then continue on to the Waipio Valley Lookout. Totally worth the hike down, and equally normal to hitch-hike back up (pack water and lunch). There’s a black sand beach at the bottom.

  4. After your adventure, head to Waimea Guest House for your stay.

  5. Unpack and grab a brew and a bite a the Big Island Brewhaus to check out the local scene, drink some tasty brews, and eat some of the best Mexican food on the island (not saying much).

  6. Hit the hay, then do “Day 1” the next day.