1 Day on the Big Island

One day only to explore the elusive Hawaii Island. Here is how we’d spend it:

  • Wake up early and fill your cooler with beer and poke at any KTA (you’re gonna need lot’s of ice).

  • Pack you beer gear (snorkel, boogie board, sunscreen, towel) and head to Makalewena beach. You’ll park in a large parking lot, and then trek out over lava rock for about a half a mile. Then, sweaty and tired, you’ll come to a sand dune covered in vines. Welcome to the most beautiful beach on the island.

  • Around 3:00, pack everything up and head to Kona Brew Pub for dinner.

  • If you have time before your plane leaves, grab one last beer and a sunset at the Honakahau Harbor House Restaurant (coldest beer in town and right by the airport).